New World how to get to the alpha and beta tests

Liked New World and wondered how to start playing right now? Now tell you everything.

So let us define the situation, there is an Alpha and Beta tests.

Now, at the moment (February 2021) is the Alpha test, servers were reduced from a bunch on each continent – to one in the U.S.. There testers test the game and write reports, and developers polish the game.

How do I get to the alpha test?

There are two requirements for alpha:

1 – Go to the official website and leave an application for the Alpha test (amazon account required)

2 – Wait and be lucky. They send out a new batch of keys on Thursdays, but there is a quota for active players.

This means that the more people stop actively playing on the servers of the test – the more keys are sent in a new party that the server was not empty. And vice versa, if testers play actively – then there is no need to send a new party.

Just among the Ru-community is an interesting statistic – for 3000 people, received an invitation to play about ten. Here’s a chance of dropping the alpha key 1 to 300.

How to get to the beta test?

This is easier, you just need to buy a pre-order of the game. Standard or Deluxe version – there is no difference, both versions give access to the beta test.

The question of when it will start is still open.

There are rumors that it will start a month before release. And since the release is scheduled for May 25 – it turns out that it’s April 25.

Since it’s just a rumor – exactly the same rumors about the test launch earlier, so it’s guaranteed we’ll get into the game in the next couple of months, whether it will end up in February, March or April 2021 – is unknown.


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